What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) uses statistical algorithms that learn from existing data to make predictions about new data. For example, an algorithm can be trained to identify if a dog is in a picture by learning what a dog is through analysis of a large set of images of dogs. Once trained, it will be able to recognize a dog in any new images it encounters. These predictions can happen in batch or in real-time, such as a self-driving car understanding the world around itself while in motion.

One possible application of a machine learning model would be to predict how likely a customer is to purchase certain products based on a number of factors including things like previous purchases, products they’ve recently viewed, geographic location, time of day, and even the current weather.

Using the breadth of ML capabilities, organizations across a wide variety of industries, are able to gain insights from large amounts of data and leverage those insights to make better decisions and gain new competitive advantages.


Who is Using Machine Learning?

Machine learning can be applied to many use cases across every industry, including financial services, government, healthcare, retail, and transportation. Financial services and government agencies leverage machine learning to improve processes and prevent fraud such as identity theft, while retailers use machine learning to personalize and optimize their end user experiences. The healthcare industry has been taking advantage of the benefits of machine learning for specific use cases, such as diagnosing and treating patient health in real-time. Transportation organizations identify patters to make more efficient public transportation routes with machine learning. From improving internal processes to optimizing user experiences, machine learning is applicable to almost every industry.


Why AWS for Machine Learning?

Rich History

Amazon has been investing deeply in machine learning across many areas of its business for over 20 years. This rich experience has guided and informed the machine learning services available to AWS customers.

Broad, Deep Capabilities

AWS offers machine learning services and tools tailored to meet the needs and expertise of any user, from experts looking to improve the speed and scale of their work to new developers who can get started with our API-driven services without any previous machine learning experience.

Rich APN Partner Community

AWS has a broad community of APN Partners that provide solutions to help organizations solve their data challenges, enable machine learning and data science, and offer capabilities that enhance end user applications with machine intelligence.


Partner with Renova Cloud

Renova Cloud is a Standard Consulting Partner of AWS dedicated to helping customers achieve their business goals by ensuring that they derive the greatest value from their data assets while leveraging the ease and efficiency of AWS Machine Learning services.

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