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The Power of Data-Driven Everything

A unique lineup of experts sharing insightful learning and connecting the dots between becoming data-driven, agile, and continuous innovation embracing the unknown.

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Snyk Launch Vietnam: DevSecOps Immersion Day

Snyk Launch Vietnam: DevSecOps Immersion Day is a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to secure your software supply chain components including open-source libraries, container images, cloud infrastructure, and developer tools on AWS with Snyk.

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Cambodia Webinar Series: The disaster recovery game changer

Cambodia Webinar Series: “The Disaster Recovery Game Changer” was a fantastic event, our lineup of speakers shared about the AWS features and services, which allow recovery all the architectures for a number of different DR scenarios to fit any use cases.

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Launch AWS faster with Landing Zone

Using AWS landing zone is a powerful tool to operate a multi-account environment but it requires knowledge and best practices. Learn more about the AWS Landing Zone presented by Experts

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Successfully Build, deploy & launch your NFT applications

Looking to build & launch your NFT App? Want to sharpen your Blockchain capabilities? Check out our special webinar to explore the shared insights and best practices from our experts to help you build your NFT app from scratch.

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How to improve user experience with New Relic?

Join our webinar to learn how New Relic One can help you with these challenges. After the demo, we hope you’ll feel confident leveraging New Relic One to improve your digital customer experience.