Renova Cloud Launches Renozone: Solution to Simplify Cloud Migration

Renova Cloud, a pioneer Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner based in Vietnam, has announced the launch of Renozone, a solution aimed at transforming the way organizations approach Landing Zone design and execution when migrating to AWS Cloud. The announcement was made during AWS Cloud Day in Hanoi earlier this April.

Migrating to Cloud is indeed a complex and daunting process, especially for those who were not properly trained in the field. This is why having an experienced cloud implementation partner like Renova to do all the heavy lifting during the migration is prerequisite for success. However, implementing is just the first step because once everything starts running properly on cloud, the responsibility to sustain reliable operation falls solely on the customer’s internal IT team, and this is where the nightmare begins.

Without expert consultation from AWS partners, the IT professionals are more than likely to make erroneous configurations. As a result, an average business has thousands of misconfigurations every year and 99% which go unseen, sending out irresistible invitations to hostile cyber attacks. This should definitely scare you but in case you’re not impressed, imagine yourself working in a financial institution while this happens. On August 6th, Capital One agreed to pay $80 million in settlements over a year after the hack that caused over 140,000 customers’ social security numbers, 80,000 bank account numbers, and data from over 100 million credit card applications to be stolen. All happened due to a single misconfiguration of the cloud.

So how could we prevent this costly incident from happening? One solution could be having an in-house team of cloud experts, which is effective but of course, not efficient money-wise. If yours is not an organization filled with abundant resources but must meet stringent security and compliance requirements in the cloud, then RenoZone is an excellent choice for you.

RenoZone is molded from years of practical experience of Renova’s solution architect and engineering teams. Its purpose is to re-think, re-design and revolutionize the way we handle the configuration of Landing Zone in AWS Cloud. First and foremost, it is designed to meet the needs of businesses in many industries, such as banking & finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail logistics, etc. The solution includes preconfigured protection rules, recommended best practices and procedures from AWS, as well as automated compliance auditing capabilities to ensure continuous compliance with standards, using services such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Config, and AWS Security Hub. In particular, with Renozone, instead of spending days to configure and fine-tune, the deployment of those services will now be wrapped up in only one working day. Renova Cloud aspired to simplify this process and provide its customers with a safe and compliant landing zone, allowing them to focus on their core business goals.

RenoZone is developed by Renova Cloud experts with additional built-in security controls to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations such as CIS, PCI DSS, NIST, etc. The result is a fully automated resources configuration and security event governance always at your disposal, while being strictly complied with AWS best practices and CIS standards. The solution is ready to be customized based on your specific requirements and workloads. By leveraging Renozone, customers can accelerate their migration to Cloud and be confident that their applications are secure and compliant from the start.

“We are thrilled to launch Renozone and bring our expertise to help organizations navigate their cloud migration journey with ease,” said Renova Cloud’s CEO. “We believe that Renozone will be a game-changer for SMBs in Vietnam and Emerging markets, and we look forward to working with our clients to help them unlock the full potential of AWS Cloud.”

RenoZone aims to automate the following aspects of your AWS account :

– Account baseline provisioning with vending machine

– Remediation actions of critical controls

– Report for non-compliant resources

– Compliance of AWS best practices in alignment with the CIS standards

RenoZone offers organizations a fast and secure solution for moving workloads on AWS. With RenoZone, businesses could safely fast-track their cloud journey by utilizing a pre-built, serverless, and fully automated enterprise-scale solution running on Infrastructure as Code and Cloud native services.

About Renova Cloud

Renova Cloud is a leading AWS consulting partner in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Our focus is to accelerate the success of our customers throughout cloud transformation and modernization processes. With expertise in Cloud Computing Solutions, DevOps and Managed Services, Renova Cloud is a highly integrated team of skilled engineers, architect and DevOps with the proven capabilities and experience in execution of advanced technologies projects.