Data Backup & Disaster Recovery


At Renova Cloud, we understand that  protecting your valuable data while balancing costs can be a daunting challenge, which is why we offer the AWS Data Backup package –  an ultimate modern backup architecture solution designed for SMBs. Here’s how we do it:

  • Backup Your On-Premises Data to the AWS Cloud:

Take advantage of Renova Cloud’s expertise and seamlessly backup your on-premises data to the secure and scalable AWS cloud. With our robust backup infrastructure, your critical information remains protected, accessible, and always available.

  • Modernize Your Backup Strategy with Cutting-Edge AWS Solutions:

Get the latest backup technology by leveraging innovative solutions from AWS. Modernize your backup strategy, ensuring efficient and effective data backup. Stay ahead of evolving data protection requirements and ensure business continuity.

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Data & AI Transformation

Onboard in just 1 Day

With Renova Cloud’s Data Backup package, your on-premises infrastructure seamlessly integrates with AWS. Your data is encrypted, securely stored, and easily accessible.

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AWS Account Setup

The package sets up necessary resources in your AWS Account in the Singapore region, ensuring compliance and optimal performance.

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IAM Policy and Role for AWS Storage Gateway

An IAM Policy and Role are created for AWS Storage Gateway, enabling secure data transfer between your on-premises environment and AWS.

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S3 Bucket for Backup Data

A dedicated S3 bucket is provisioned to securely store your backup data in the cloud.

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S3 File Gateway

An S3 File Gateway stores and accesses objects in Amazon S3 from NFS or SMB file data with local catching.

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NFS File Share for Storage Gateway VM

An NFS file share is created to establish an NFS file server within the Storage Gateway VM, simplifying file management and sharing.

Get Started in 3 Steps

1. Identify Your Data: Determine the data you want to secure with AWS Backup.

2. Get a Tailored Proposal: Contact us for a personalized proposal and plan that suits your needs.

3. Migrate at No Cost: Our experts will assist you in migrating your data to AWS Backup, at no additional cost.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery


Cost-Effective Offsite Storage

By leveraging AWS, our solution provides a cost-effective alternative for offsite data storage. You only pay for the storage you use and data written to AWS storage by your gateway, eliminating the need for costly on-premises infrastructure.

Seamless Integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates with various frameworks, ensuring compatibility with your existing infrastructure, whether on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-native.

Rapid Onboarding and Scalability

With Renova Cloud, you can quickly onboard your backup infrastructure within one day. Our solution easily scales to accommodate your growing data needs, ensuring minimal disruption.

Foundation for Future Services

Storing your backup data on AWS creates a foundation for future services like Big Data analytics and AI. Unlock the potential of your data for insights, innovation, and informed decision-making.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Store More, Pay Less!

Take advantage of our special offers and get started with Renova Cloud Data Backup Plans starting at just $32 per month per 1TB of data plus enjoy 200GB of new data uploaded to AWS Storage Gateway monthly.

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