Cloud Consulting & Engineering

Technical Support & Managed Services

We provide around-the-clock support on Google Cloud & AWS services and your applications, including design and architecture consulting

Prevent downtime and issues

Our cloud engineering team can help you prevent issue from arising in the first place. We do this by first identifying improvements to achieve long-term success. This proactive approach flags potential problems to avoid system downtime.

Engineer to engineer support

When you need us, our technical support engineers are here to listen and help. We find the root of the problem quickly and provide long-lasting solutions that prevent the issue from happening again.

Predictable pricing

Eliminate variable platform usage charges, only pay for Google Cloud or AWS services you use. Our technical support package is clear and you can select the most suitable for your budget.

Tailored to your evolving needs

Invest in your cloud infrastructure with quick, yet thorough solutions from our Cloud Architects. Whether you’re facing a technical challenge or looking to build a new feature, our Engineering team has plans to fit your needs and budget.

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Cloud Consulting & Engineering


  • 15-minute response time for critical-impact issues
  • 24/7 support for critical/high impact issues
  • Robust training
  • Technical Expert
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Cloud strategy and roadmap
  • Implementation guidance
  • Support Escalations / Monitoring with most
  • Advanced tools available / Reporting
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Cloud Consulting & Engineering


We help enterprises build secure, scalable and cost-effective enterprise cloud platforms.

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We help you plan your migration to the AWS cloud by collecting usage and configuration data about your on-premises servers.

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Migration of Enterprise applications from on-premise servers into public or hybrid cloud environments.

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Develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that not only guides you through the migration process, but also provides you a roadmap for future decisions.

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Cloud Readiness Assesment

Transform your organization’s rough idea of moving to the cloud into a detailed plan that explains how to make it happen and in what order events should occur.

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Rapid TCO Assesment

Utilizing the total cost of ownership and other models on a case-by-case basis and assessing the implications of moving from capex to opex.

Business Outcome

We help you migrate your application workloads onto these cloud platforms, taking a value-driven approach to re-architecting and modernising applications as part of the migration. We also help with the strategic elements of moving to cloud, including platform and tooling selection, and in the provision of detailed TCO.

Reduce infrastructure delays and bottlenecks

Accelerate time-to-market for new features and products

Reduce costs and move from CapEx to OpEx model (pay as you go model)

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Cloud Consulting & Engineering


Migration to the cloud doesn’t have to be super long and overpriced.

Building and managing infrastructure is usually a long and expensive project. There is no denying that. Initial decision-making, prioritising, planning and risk analysis – you name it.

Let us help you with that and make the process faster and more cost- efficient.

Understanding of your current existing systems and technical, security as well as your infrastructure challenges (focusing on a project of your choice and priority).

We found that the most successful organizations are benchmarking and tracking their progress with KPIs and goals, at each stage of the cloud maturity model.

Bring the know-how in-house with our custom Cloud Workshops. Our training get staff excited about opportunities and capabilities, empowering them to deliver more efficiently and flexibly.

We help you will build your company’s Strategic Technology Roadmap, a comprehensive plan to guide your cloud initiatives from where you are now to the achievement of your vision.

Review of your current systems Face technical, security and infrastructure challenges (focusing on a project of your choice)

Choose members of your team and assign them to the right roles to take part in the project from design, planning & implemention.

Provide business summary to show the results to your stakeholders & mangement as well as mapping the potential benefits of the cloud to them, while mitigating the potential drawbacks


Looking to get the most out of your cloud? Our experts are standing by to talk about your migration, modernisation, development and skills challenges.

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