How SD-WAN makes your network simple and agile, secure and reducing costs


The Cato Cloud delivers a global, cloud-based SD-WAN with built-in network security stack for all enterprise locations, cloud resources and mobile users



Affordable MPLS Alternative

Cato leverages cloud scalability, software-defined networking and smart utilization of a multi-carrier backbone to deliver a high performance and SLA-backed global WAN – at an affordable price


Secure Cloud-Based SD-WAN

Cato SD-WAN enables organizations to augment MPLS with affordable last mile services (Fiber, Broadband, 4G/LTE) and dynamically direct traffic based on applications needs and link quality. Unlike legacy SD-WAN solutions that use the public Internet with MPLS, Cato is uniquely capable to replace MPLS altogether with our global SLA-backed backbone. Cato further extends the benefits of SD-WAN to cloud resources and mobile users and provides a full cloud-based network security stack to secure all WAN and Internet traffic

Branch Appliance Elimination
Cato eliminates dedicated branch office equipment such as UTMs, Firewalls and WAN optimization appliances. Cato protects all connected locations and seamlessly scales to secure all traffic, without the need for unplanned hardware upgrades and resource-intensive software patches.

Cloud Datacenter Integration

Cato connects physical and cloud datacenters, across all providers and global regions, into a single, flat and secure network. Customers can seamlessly extend corporate access control and security policies to cloud resources, enabling easy and optimized access for mobile users and branch locations to all applications and data anywhere


Mobile Access Optimization

Cato connects every mobile user to the Cato Cloud and provides secure and optimized access to enterprise resources in physical and cloud datacenters, cloud applications and internet sites. Cato uses its global backbone to optimize routing and reduce latency to key applications like Office 365, and enforce application-aware security policies on all access


Simple Network Automation

Cato cloud-based console and the zero-touch Cato Socket SD-WAN devices, reduce the effort and risk of network changes. Network managers specify application prioritization policies and easily troubleshoot network issues. Cato incorporates multiple services into the SD-WAN, route traffic over the best link, and seamlessly adapt to blackouts and brownouts. Edge devices and cloud services, are fully managed by Cato eliminating the need for maintenance, patches and upgrades



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