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Migrating SMBEs to AWS Cloud 

By the end of 2021 small-to-medium-sized companies would contribute about 40% of total revenue spent on cloud services in Vietnam and South East Asia. By moving to the cloud, it enables greater focus on the aspects that bring growth to businesses.

Migrating servers or the whole infrastructure to the cloud may require time and money. This might be one of the crucial decisive factors for SMB. Especially in the current economic situation, when every dollar saved counts. We want to help you with that.

As a born in the cloud company, Renova Cloud will work with you on your IT environment, remove potential road blockers, plan and execute your migration to the cloud smoothly. This partnership allows companies to focus on business aspects that bring growth.

Zero Fees, Zero Barriers

– 3 Months AWS Credits (Worth up to 3 Months AWS Usage, unlimited value)

– Free Cloud migration period: Includes assessment, consultation, architecture review, & implementation (duration 2 months)

– Cloud Solutions Architect Support 

– Forever Free Renovisor.io AI-driven platform: automated cloud cost optimization (save up to 60% on your cloud bill)

– Exclusive preferential rates & terms on AWS Marketplace (12 months period)

– Free Immersion day (workshop on selected topic)

 With this program, get the opportunity to :

– Migrate any one of their stable/non business critical applications to cloud (sometimes even one environment, for example Non production systems only)

– Develop a greenfield application in cloud

Our Approach

Renova Cloud recommends that migrating one application at a time to the cloud can be a good start for small and medium-sized businesses/enterprises (SMEs) . Typical steps we follow in our approach are

– Understand customer requirements

– Identify Assets to be migrated

– Help the SMB management to realize cost benefits post migration, over a period of time

– Provide a progressive roadmap to migrate other applications from on prem to Cloud

– Provide Cutover planning and support during Go-Live

– Post Go Live Support of 30 days at no extra cost

Looking to get the most out of your cloud? Our experts are standing by to talk about your migration, modernisation, development and skills challenges. 

Terms & Conditions*

– Limited offer to 15 invited customers 

– Depending on the workload and project scope, AWS and Renova Cloud has the final decision on the amount of credits offered in the program 

– Upon signing up this program, customer agrees to enter a 1-year contract of AWS Consolidated Billing and Support Services Package with Renova Cloud