Elevate Your Business with Generative AI

Build and Scale with Renova

Whether you’re in the process of scaling your model for production or embarking on the journey from the ground up, we meet you at every stage, ensuring your solution is successfully launched.

Renova Cloud brings a unique blend of creativity and technical capability to harness the potential of Generative AI, creating solutions tailored to your business needs. We leverage Amazon’s Bedrock and Foundation Models through SageMaker Jumpstart, allowing you to train models with internal data while ensuring data privacy.

Use Cases

Securely Build With Generative AI on AWS

Last Mile Delivery

Built in 12 weeks.
Utilizing Amazon Event Bridge, Amazon Kinesis, and IoT Core.


Built in 6 weeks.
Streamlining processes with AWS Rekognition.

Visual Product Recognition

Built in 4 weeks.
Leveraging AWS Rekognition for rapid implementation.

Omni-Channel Engagement Platform

Built in 6 weeks.
Maximizing Amazon SageMaker & Amazon Pinpoint for comprehensive solutions.

Shelf Monitoring & Refurbishment

Built in 4 weeks.
Quick deployment with AWS Rekognition.


Built in 6 weeks.
Harnessing Amazon Personalize for enhanced customer engagement.

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AWS Services We Use in Production

AWS Gen AI Kickstarter Program with Renova Cloud

What We Offer:

  • Low-Risk Solutioning: Identify, develop, and deploy scalable AI/ML solutions with minimal risk.
  • Value Optimization: Showcase significant cost savings and return on investment before further commitments.
  • Renova Investment: We invest time and resources to ensure your success.

Engagement Length:

  • Qualification: Few days to a week.
  • Development: 4 to 6 weeks.


Leverage AWS credits seamlessly integrated with Renova’s Solution Launch package, encompassing Migration, Build, and Support—all included.

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Looking to get the most out of your cloud? Our experts are standing by to talk about your migration, modernisation, development and skills challenges.