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Solutions-Focused Immersion Day: Generative AI

Join our workshop for next-generation AI-powered applications and in-depth knowledge of AWS’s Generative AI tools. This session offer hands-on learning, networking, and the exploration of innovative AI solutions.

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Startup Community Dating & Beer Networking

This is the first time, the Startup Dating and Beer event is being held in both Hanoi and HCM on the same day. Get ready to meet many innovative startups and build your networking!

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Community Talk: Jumpstart With YugabyteDB

Get ready to kickstart your database skills with YugabyteDB and Renova Cloud, we delve into the dynamic evolution of databases and the art of future-proofing the modern data layer in large-scale endeavors.

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Data + AI Immersion Day

Discover best practices that deliver data and AI transformation. From the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to open source technologies, this event has the info you need to revolutionise cost

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AWS Next Generation Landing Zone

Discover the next generation Landing Zone as a service, leveraging the cloud-native AWS Landing Zone Accelerator and Control Tower services to

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We recently celebrated the grand opening of our new office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We firmly believe that cloud computing and big data are

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This event provides an opportunity to connect and share your passion with industry leaders, experts, DevOps,.. Enjoy this fantastic day and don’t forget to visit our booth here!

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TRG Talk Virtual: Journey to SaaS

Join us to explore the insights into the benefits of adopting cloud-based solutions, notable cloud/ SaaS trends, and various adoption case studies.