At Renova Cloud

Our job is to bring technologies that empower the team

Renova Cloud is an AWS & Google Cloud Consulting Partner & AWS Solution Provider

Our goal is to help organizations to become agile and productive with advanced Cloud, Cyber & Big Data Solutions & Services. With our dedicated team in HCM City & Hanoi as well as presence in Tel-Aviv and Hong Kong, we help businesses across South East Asia with the most advanced technologies platforms. Our focused and full-service solutions’ portfolio in cloud leverages the best of breed technologies to help you scale your business processes with zero upfront capital investment. Renova Cloud is your partner for cloud-based services and will go along with you on the journey towards building an agile, secured and automated processes within your organization.


We provide full-fledged services that would enable your organization to leverage on the benefit of edge-cutting technology and ensure the security of your Cloud infrastructure. With zero upfront capital investment, we are capable of delivering high-performance workloads that would enable companies to get the right insight about the service they need.


Our Mission is to help businesses to utilize innovative processes and experience reduced time in the delivery of their services. We have immense experience in AWS & GCP, and that has made it possible for organizations to quickly and easily launch secured solutions that require little or no huge financial demand.


Quality: Our focus on quality excellence includes continuously enhancing our standards, technology solutions and training for our people.
Collaboration: We foster teamwork among our employees & partners to swiftly and efficiently deliver innovative solutions to our customers. This capitalizes on the diversity and creativity of our staff & partnerships.
Performance: Our people are known for their focus on results. We aim to reinforce that focus on personal and collective achievement, while maintaining high ethical standards.
Courage: We want our associates to speak out, challenge conventional thinking, and stand up for their ideas. We also want them to have the courage to do the right thing in the face of resistance or moral dilemmas.

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