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From #1 leading e-learning platform in Vietnam to #1 leading online classified website in Vietnam. And, in between 2 x Iron man 70.3. An inspiring conversation with Duy Truong – Director of Engineering at Chợ Tốt.

In this episode, Duy shares his journey from becoming a manager and building an engineering team, to building and scaling new services and applications. Duy also shares his experience on how and when is the right direction for using microservices. Last by not least, what the Ironman training journey and the racing taught him.

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Duy Truong – Director of Engineering at Chợ Tốt.– #1 leading online classified website in Vietnam.

Chapter overview

00:45 Career Journey
06:31 Building with Microservices
07:35 Slips into over-engineering
12:00 From Engineer to manager
13:30 Building a company through structure, process, and human
16:45 Managing an engineering team
18:00 Hiring and keeping talent
24:30 From “zero” to IRONMAN 70.3
33:00 Experience failure

If you are a builder, Developer, Cloud enthusiast, or looking forward to stepping up to IRONMAN. This episode is for you!


“The “triangle model” helps Duy Truong to successfully establish his team: process, human, and structure. In his perspective, the 3 elements are related to each other and always go together. He believes the success of your business will rely on it. Define this triangle model in your organization from the beginning to help you save a lot of time when scaling in the future. ”

“Be patient on your journey, this is what Duy Truong teaches himself and his team. He doesn’t rush to hire any candidate to fulfill the headcount. He waits for the right talent. with patience, you will find what you are looking for, those who are sharing the same ambition, vision, and motivation.”

Episode Details

August 17, 2021

Duration: 37 mins

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/duyhtr/

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