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Driving business outcomes through cloud technology: How to connect, engage with business leaders as a Technologist?  What cloud technology brings to your business? And how can you leverage cloud innovation successfully? Check out this special episode featuring Khanh Ho, a leader in the cloud space and a technology enthusiast who inspires to leverage cloud services to innovate.

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Khanh Ho is the Head of Cloud Center of Excellence at Sovico Group – a leading conglomerate in Vietnam operating in various fields including HDBank, VietJet Air, Phu Long, and GalaxyOne.

Chapter overview

01:50 Career Journey
03:00 Joining Vietjet
05:31 Becoming AWS cloud warrior
06:30 Building native program to connect Vietjet’s website to super app WeChat
08:15 Speaking at AWS Re:invent 2020!
10:00 Building a cloud center of excellence for Sovico Group
11:50 Engaging with business leaders
14:45 Hiring IT talent
16:07 Solving business problems and working with business leaders
20:00 Working with cloud vendors
21:15 Learning cloud
23:00 Experiencing failure

If you are a builder, IT specialist, Developer, Business Analyst, Cloud enthusiast, and looking for what’s happening in Vietnam. This episode is for you!


“You have to be a good business analyst when working with a business problem. If you have good insight into the problem, able to identify it, then you can start by making a slide change in it, you know,  I mean small change in the business process without the need to involve in many solutions”.

“At end of the day, the business only cares about their problem is to be solved or not. They don’t really want to know how hard it is, how advanced technology you put into the solution. So I think that many of us have failed to face this kind of problem in our careers”.

“For the young people who are fascinated about emerging technology, the new technology, don’t be panicked when your solution doesn’t work out or when you receive a negative comment, believe me. Even I know that you have spent a lot of time on building a beautiful solution, yes. But, I would like to say: don’t forget to put business outcome at top priority”.

Episode Details

July 20, 2021

Duration: 28mins

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