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In the old world, you devoted 30% of your time to building a great service and 70% of your time to shouting about it. In the new world, that inverts.

Consulting Services

Helping businesses to have a competitive edge is the aim of our consultation service.
We deliver solutions that help to enhance the productivity of businesses. Providing strategies, as well as carrying out the final implementation that would lead to the expansion of your business via our consultation service.

We advise organizations on the best use of cloud-based services in the achievement of their business goals. We are capable of estimating, managing, deploying, implementing and administering IT systems for our clients.

We help to develop collaboration and communication solutions that enable you to engage seamlessly with your IT infrastructure from any given location.

The benefit of our consulting service is enormous; businesses are capable of enjoying the value that comes from our external objective advice, alongside our specialized expertise that leads to more efficient business results.

Cloud Services

The increasing need of businesses for cloud services is obvious among companies that intend to play major roles in the utilization of emerging technology. We have a well-prepared strategy that enables us to assist companies that want to build applications that are targeting the cloud.

The importance of shared information provides the much-needed coherence for businesses to experience increased productivity. Businesses can easily focus on their core areas and allow us to handle the task of handling the cloud infrastructure and the maintenance involved.

Cloud services are known to facilitate application deployment, provide improved management and also provide reduced up-front infrastructure cost.

According to PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey 2016, nearly 70 percent of respondents said their company is using cloud-based cybersecurity services, The study, released in October, included input from 10,000 IT professionals from around the globe.

Cloud Security

In terms of cyber security the cloud makes it possible to enjoy the endless benefits of analytics. Unlike installing physical hardware and systems, cloud-based cybersecurity services allows for the creation of remote data centers almost instantly.

The delivery of top-notch Cybersecurity as a service is the priority of Renova cloud, and that is evident in the partnership agreement we have with global technology vendors. We understand the need to deliver the best solutions to our customers to enhance the business growth of our clients.

The tools utilized include security information and event management (SIEM), which all represent enterprise software, infrastructure, and security solutions.

The features of our Cybersecurity service include:  Security management, asset and vulnerability discovery, identity and access governance and authentication services.

We leverage on the benefits of intelligent systems and automation tools to provide time-efficient solutions to the security challenges faced by businesses.

Managed Services

Full Range Service

The best of proactive and effective management of your cloud infrastructure with 24/7 support

Delivery Models

At Renova, our business professionals are fully prepared to give you the best service that meets your business requirements. Due consideration is made to deployment choices, service-level objectives and the required delivery model that is suitable for your business.

DevOps Services

Unifying software development and effective software operation are made possible with the use of our Dev Ops services. Our experts would be given the needed access over the application life-cycle process, helping your organization to develop, test, monitor and be on call when the need arises to take care of any challenge with the working application or system.

The benefit of this service is seen in the speed at which innovative deployment takes place, alongside the development of new technologies that are specifically aimed at addressing certain challenges within an organization.

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