Renova Cloud Receives APN Immersion Day Partner Recognition

Renova Cloud, an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS named as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Immersion Day Partner, recognizing the company’s eligibility to conduct APN Immersion Days.

The traditional AWS Immersion Day workshops are customizable day-long, in-person, or online workshops to help customers navigate through different areas of AWS. This in-depth approach helps technical experts learn how to best leverage AWS to unlock business potential and meet key objectives. AWS Immersion Day workshops are available in many solution areas, such as database migration, containers, machine learning (ML), and serverless services.

APN Immersion Days offer APN Advanced Consulting Partners access to workshop content and tools developed by AWS Solutions Architects and packages it for APN Partners to use exclusively with their customers. With this announcement, Renova Cloud can now deliver APN Immersion Days.

As an APN Immersion Day Partner, Renova Cloud Architects will be able to provide its customers with an exclusive technical workshop experience. Customers will have access to curated field-tested content, sound architectural principles, and a guided tour of AWS products and services.

This announcement follows Renova Cloud being named as an Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server last year, recognizing Renova Cloud possesses deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS. Additionally, demonstrates “technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering Amazon EC2 for Windows Server.”

About Renova Cloud

Renova Cloud is a cloud consulting company and Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.

Renova Cloud provides services towards transition of the legacy workloads to frontline technologies in Cloud, DevOps and Automation. We are a highly integrated team of skilled engineers, architect and DevOps with the proven capabilities and experience in execution of advanced technologies projects.

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