Podcast: Vietnam’s first AWS employee transforming Hospitality

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Hoang (Eric) Nguyen, CEO & Founder of CiHMS, an innovative hospitality solution powered by Vingroup JSC. CiHMS is an all-in-one digital solution built on AWS cloud to help hotel management and operations. Prior to building CiHMS, Hoang was the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect and employee in Vietnam.

A well-known person in the cloud & tech innovation space, Hoang helped hundred of early cloud adopters on their path to digital transformation. Let’s listen to his impressive journey as a serial entrepreneur from Texas to Vietnam.

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Hoang (Eric) Nguyen is the CEO & Founder of CiHMS, an innovative hospitality solution powered by Vingroup JSC, Hoang is a serial entrepreneur, talented developer, and Vietnam’s first Amazon (AWS) employee. Hoang has held various Technical roles during in is career from Developer, Solutions Architect to CTO, and founder in various startups in the US and in Vietnam.

Chapter overview

02:21 Career Journey

16:00 Joining AWS as 1st Solutions Architect in Vietnam

21:41 Building VinHSM

29:41 Technology and Innovation in Hospitality

33:42 Hiring talent in startups

40:58 Lessons learned


“Vision is very important. Because once you show them the vision, and you show them through your own conviction that you are passionate about it, they will follow you, then they will join you.”

“For me, it’s important that when you do something like a start-up, you have to feel passionate about it.”

Episode Details

April 29, 2021

Duration: 47mins

Follow Hoang & CiHMS

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/erichoangnv/

CiHMS: https://www.cihms.com/en/

VinHSM: https://www.vinhms.com/

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