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Ever wondered what it takes to achieve all 13 AWS certifications? Check out our latest podcast featuring Thanh Nguyen – Vietnam’s Cloud Guru: 13 times AWS certified, 2x Google Cloud, 3x Azure. Thanh has re:Invented himself from a System Admin to a Cloud Architect helping large scale organizations shift from legacy to modern IT landscape with an extensive experience working with financial institutions, Banks & Insurance.

Everyone on a Cloud Certification Journey has or has had a very personal and different journey. Thanh’s first time working on a computer was during high school, at an internet cafe where is spent most of his free time, learning how to code.

Starting hands-on with AWS back then in 2014, Thanh did not engage in his cloud certification journey until 2019 when he felt the need to deep dive and further build his competency, confidence, and practical cloud skills. He only planned to pass few AWS certifications, however, learning cloud is fun and… addictive! With today’s single biggest challenge in IT being the growing Cloud Skills Gap, it turns out to be a healthy addiction though. If you are on your path to cloud learning, this podcast is for you!

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Thanh Nguyen is one of the very few in Vietnam having 13 AWS certifications. With an extensive experience working with leading financial institutions, Banks & Insurance, Thanh has re:Invented himself from System Admin to Cloud Architect with the goal to help large organizations shift from legacy to modern IT landscape.

Chapter overview

1:46 Career Journey

9:54 Cloud Certification Journey

16:04 Reasons to move to the Cloud

23:28 Key factors to start the Cloud

26:55 Banking and Finance Institute industries

34:02 Experiences and lesson learned


“With certifications, they give you a more structure approach to focus, to concentrate on what you need to achieve in a specific area of the knowledge.”

“Banking and Finance Services is a very highly regulated industry, not only in Vietnam but also all around the world. Because of that, things are a little bit slow compared to other industries.”

Episode Details

June 14, 2021

Duration: 38mins

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thanhnq/

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