Cloud Cost Optimization Journey | Part 2

At Renova Cloud, we meet customers in various stages of their cloud cost optimization journey. 

We have segmented these customers to early-stage, intermediate, and expert.

In a previous blog, we presented the early-stage customer, and in this blog, we will present the Intermediate customer.

Customer #2 – Cloud Cost Optimization Journey | Intermediate Stage Adaptor 

These customers are confident about their compute usage for the next year but not confident enough to purchase 3 year commitments, therefore they utilize 1y Savings Plans to cover an average of 75% of their infrastructure. Despite the disadvantageous discount compared to its Reserved Instance counterpart, these customers benefit from the flexibility to change machines and regions without wasting hours managing RI’s.

Here is an example of a Renova cloud customer that had a 1Y Savings Plan covering 100% of their compute usage. The discount achieved with this Savings Plan was 27.36%. This Savings Plan expired and on the same day Renovisor  took over and within a week covered 100% of the infrastructure with a mix of RI’s and Savings Plans, achieving 52.47% savings on their EC2 which almost doubled their savings.  

The Blue area represents the savings achieved by the customer on their own with their 1y savings plans. The Orange area represents the savings achieved by Renovisor.

renovisor graph part 2

✅ The customer went from 75% infrastructure covered by savings to 100% coverage in 1 week.

✅ Renovisor increased their savings from 27.36% to 52.47%

Final Words

Reliably forecasting compute usage 1-3 years in advance (risk-free) is impossible.

Cloud environments are naturally dynamic, and most organizations experience frequent capacity changes. 

By leveraging real-time data, Renovisor continuously monitors EC2 usage and continuously optimizes cloud infrastructure, so you won’t have to.

With Renovisor, you can achieve up to 55% discount on your EC2, risk-free, with ZERO engineering effort, guaranteed. 

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