The Cloud Optimization Journey with Renovisor | Part 1

At Renova Cloud, we meet customers in various stages of their cloud optimization journey.

We have segmented these customers to early-stage, intermediate, and expert.

This blog is the first of a 3-part series in which we will share 3 customer stories that represent each stage of their cloud optimization journey with Renova Cloud.

Customer #1 – Early-stage adapter

This customer has recently completed his migration to the cloud.

Due to the fact that he’s a newbie (no offense!) and cannot forecast any type of future compute usage, 100% of his EC2 instances are running on-demand. This early-stage customer has not purchased any commitments (Reserved Instances and Savings Plans).

If this is you, don’t fret. You’re not alone and this is not uncommon.

Companies remaining in the early stage phase are doing so due to:

  • Awareness – Most customers in this stage are not fully aware of cloud cost optimization.
  • Lack of focus and priority – engineering teams are dedicating their efforts to developing and implementing new technologies.
  • Risk – The main culprit.

Companies shy away from leveraging commitments because they cannot determine their cloud architectural landscape (e.g. which instance types and regions will be used) 1-3 years in advance nor can they confidently forecast their compute usage. With this uncertainty in place, they opt to run 100% on-demand, the highest pricing plan for EC2.

With Renovisor from Renova Cloud, customers at this stage go from 0% infrastructure covered by savings to 95%-99% coverage. Within 1-2 weeks of activation, customers see over 45% savings off their EC2 costs.

This is an example of a customer who onboarded Renovisor 4 weeks ago. From 0 savings to “Damn, I should have used Renovisor sooner!”

renovisor graph 1

✅ The customer went from 0% infrastructure covered by savings to 95% coverage in 1 week.

✅ Renovisor identified a decrease in capacity and automatically sold commitments in order to avoid over-provisioning.

✅ Renovisor identified an increase in capacity and automatically purchased commitments in order to maximize cloud savings.

Final Words

Reliably forecasting compute usage 1-3 years in advance (risk-free) is impossible.

Cloud environments are naturally dynamic, and most organizations experience frequent capacity changes.

By leveraging real-time data, Renovisor continuously monitors EC2 usage and continuously optimizes cloud infrastructure, so you won’t have to.

With Renovisor, you can achieve up to 55% discount on your EC2, risk-free, with ZERO engineering effort, guaranteed.

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