Buffalo Tours stays on top of customers’ queries with Gsuite

With G Suite, they achieved a 10% – 15% increase in efficiency and productivity gains and 17% year-on-year in cost savings as a business.Customers today have high expectations. They want information on-the-go and prompt replies to their queries. Information technology thus becomes a business imperative, and an effective enabler towards managing and developing our business.”

Tran Trong Kien, CEO of Buffalo Tours

Buffalo Tours serves tons of passengers each month, helping them with various aspects of their travel. These involve tour booking requests from passengers, request processing and information checking. Prior to the Google implementation, Buffalo Tour’s email exchange was supported by another email server. Employees lamented the frequent loss of emails and the ineffective spam filtering system, which resulted in legitimate emails from customers being treated as junk mail. Prior to adopting Gmail, the trend of lost emails or failed delivery accounted for 5% of the business. This means that five out of every 100 incoming requests to Buffalo Tours were lost.


“We are in the business of servicing customers and when missing emails become a regularity, it damages our company’s credibility and image, not to mention a loss of company revenue. Internal communication with the various representative offices is mostly conducted online, and lost emails inhibits workplace collaboration,” said Bui Anh Tuan, IT manager of Buffalo Tours.

Managing the email server was also a challenge as the server was hosted by a network operator but located on-premise. Due to the logistical challenges, each time the server failed, it took some time before the server could be rebooted. The complex system configuration also meant it was not easy to get new employees on board.

Gmail emerged as a viable option to replace Buffalo Tour’s existing email server as it was cloud-based and user-friendly. At the start, Buffalo Tours made use of the free Gmail service for business. Happy with the results, Buffalo Tours decided to switch to G Suite on a permanent basis.

G Suite has enabled us to manage our emails in a more professional manner. This means improved work efficiency and better customer service. Furthermore, it also offers many other essential services that benefit the work that we do,” said Tuan.

Many employees at Buffalo Tours have been utilizing Gmail as their main communication tool. Buffalo Tours is looking at ways to further utilize the other products within G Suite such as Google Sites, Google Docs, and Google Drive.

Since making the switch to Gmail, the company does not have to bear the cost of buying and maintaining a physical server, resulting in cost savings of around 17% annually. The rate of lost emails is now down to almost zero, which is the icing on the cake for Buffalo Tours.

One of the distinct advantages of Gmail is its impressive spam filter capabilities. For the premium version, this service is enhanced with Blacklist and Whitelist features, making the spam filter even more effective. With the enhanced control features, business and junk mail are easily categorized.

“Our staff can easily input the IDs of the entire office and regular customers to the Whitelist. With a click of a mouse, important business emails are never missed. There is a 10-15% increase in employee productivity now that the issue of lost emails is resolved,” Tuan commented. Gmail has also brought about increased convenience to Buffalo Tours. G Suite is easy to configure for any new employee. All employees need is their username, password and an Internet connection to check emails. What used to take a lot of time and resources is now a simple administration process.

With the current blooming mobility trend, Gmail provides Buffalo Tours with the flexibility to empower employees to work more efficiently. Employees can now access their work emails on their personal smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. “Since we switched to G Suite, there have been zero customer complaints around the inability to contact the sales division. Meanwhile, our business continues to prosper and our yearly bookings increased by 1.5%. Together with Google, we are confident of our continued growth,” concluded Tuan.