Renova Cloud, a Vietnam-Israeli based tech firm deepens AWS offering with enhanced status

The Vietnam-Israeli Specialist cloud partner gains another AWS accreditation

Renova Cloud has achieved Amazon RDS and AWS Public Partner status in recognition of enhanced capabilities through Amazon Web Services (AWS). The designation acknowledges deep expertise in “migrating enterprise workloads to AWS inclusive of the databases. “Advanced consulting partners that achieve such status within the AWS Partner Network (APN) specialise in the delivery of services and offerings across strategy, professional services and managed infrastructure.

Use of the cloud has skyrocketed in recent years and analysts reckon that the global cloud spend will be in excess of $500 billion over the next few years. In Asean, the spend on digital initiatives is growing multifold and the spend will continue to grow for the next five years. The moot point is this: Internet and cloud computing services have revolutionised the art of doing business globally, providing them substantial space to evolve at a faster pace than they used to do traditionally.

According to Doron Shachar, founder and CEO of Renova Cloud, traditional businesses have realized the necessity to be agile and prompt in order to sustain the business. “We help our customers to become more agile on the technology front, by helping them with shifting their software development processes towards agile development processes and bringing in more automation. This, along with the agile infrastructure where you build infrastructure as a core, helps larger enterprises to scale and respond to changing demands rapidly.” says Doron.

Renova Cloud

Renova Cloud is an Israeli-Vietnam-based technology firm that has registered business growth of 100% (CAGR) in the last three years and has a presence in Saigon, Hanoi, Yangon and Tel Aviv’s High-Tech Hub. “With the help of our dedicated team of cloud experts, we serve Enterprises and SMBs including Aqua Vietnam Electronics, FE Credit, Sovigaz, Pepsico and Yoma Strategic Holdings among others,” says Doron.

 Talking about the initial years

 Talking about the initial years, Doron says, “Our journey on cloud started back in 2017, I live between Israel and Vietnam, having close connections and partners within the Israeli tech Ecosystem, I saw the cloud trend happening back then in Israel and I understood the cloud path to Vietnam is also obvious. I started Renova Cloud as a “born to the cloud” consulting company in 2018, since then, Renova Cloud has achieved multiple accreditations including Amazon RDS (Database), AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Well-Architected Partner status, Immersion Day Partner and Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server as well as Solution Provider, all in recognition of enhanced capabilities through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Israeli tech Ecosystem

On the partnership with Israeli tech Ecosystem, Doron says, “We are working successfully with 15+ companies in Israel in the areas of Cloud, Devops, Data Science, Fintech, Media Tech and the Adtech space. Our exclusive partnerships have helped us in building new products and solution ideas; one of them is Renovisor —an AI-driven platform that allows engineering teams to effortlessly maximize cloud savings by automating cloud cost optimization with a dramatic reduction in cloud spend up to 60%”.

Vietnam clients have the appetite for solutions with the best value propositions making it easier for Israeli startups to make a point. Over the past 10 years, Doron Shachar has also organized multiple delegations for several of Vietnam’s major enterprise companies to introduce them to Israeli tech solutions to solve their most pressing business challenges. “This really represents the next wave of the Israel-Vietnam connection, which was previously a defense and agriculture relationship. Now it’s broadening out into technology in other areas” says Doron.

Doron Shachar

Doron Shachar is an Israeli Tech entrepreneur living in Vietnam over the past 12 years, he founded Jetview Southeast Asia in 2008 to join the fast growth and development of the Vietnamese mobile and telecom market. Under his leadership, Jetview has become a recognized agency and representative for new services and innovative technologies in the emerging Vietnamese market. In 2018, he founded Renova Cloud, a pure cloud consulting partner with a highly integrated team of skilled engineers, architect and DevOps, providing services towards transition of the legacy workloads to frontline technologies in Cloud, DevOps and Automation.


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