Renoleap 13-week DevOps Bootcamp will begin in end September 2022

Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp is kicking off its second bootcamp in Ho Chi Minh City, preparing to discover and nurture new DevOps & Cloud talent in support of Renoleap, a ground-breaking initiative offering an end-to-end set of services to help organizations navigate their cloud & devOps journey. 

Renova Cloud, a leading independent multi-cloud services company,  is proud to announce the launch of Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp. This immersive program of accelerated, hands-on learning, aims to find a diverse range of candidates and help them launch their technical career in DevOps & Cloud Computing.


The 13 weeks course will be available to those who wish to pursue or start their journey with cloud technology. Renoleap will focus on attracting those who are truly passionate about building a career in DevOps, including non-graduates and those with a limited background in technology.

Renoleap is closely collaborating leading Technology leaders including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hashicorp & The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to ensure Academy trainees receive the highest quality learning experience. The education program will pair best-in-class resources, content and Certifications, with Renoleap real-world customer experience, to give trainees an immersive experience that features a rich curriculum of devops topics.


Doron Shachar, Israeli entrepreneur & Founder of Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp said: 

“We’re proud to create hundreds of exciting career DevOps paths for candidates coming from diverse and underrepresented background & academic in the IT industry. We are drawing on our years of Cloud & DevOps expertise to build a 13 weeks training program to ensure our new team members receive the ideal blend of formal education, technical certifications and mentor-based customer engagements to create a new generation of DevOps rock stars.”

The candidate experience

Renoleap is looking for candidates who share its values, show natural aptitude and who are eager to learn about technology and solve problems with code. The company will be expanding its talent pool to reach candidates that often get overlooked elsewhere in the industry. This includes those with legacy technology skills looking to switch to the cloud, those returning to work after time off, technology enthusiasts not currently in an IT role, and engineering freshly graduates looking for a step up.


Candidates will have access to an extended team at Renoleap, with recruiters, technical trainers and advisors on-hand to help them progress and guide them into a customer-facing role within the company. The Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp will recruit candidates to join the various technical roles Renoleap is deploying on customer projects.

Renoleap DevOps Bootcamp is now recruiting for our upcoming course in Ho Chi Minh City starting on 26th September! Applications are now open in Vietnam!

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