We were delighted to sponsor AWS Transformation Day on 18th September. The day had been a unique experience for Business & Technology Leaders to learn and access best practices on Enterprise cloud adoption.


Renova Cloud’s experts had teamed up with AWS to share & answer questions from security issues, cost savings to training IT human resources and Machine learning in practice. We have been delighted to interact with our customers as well as visitors from all over Vietnam and South East Asia. In addition, top technology experts from Amazon including global leader Werner Vogels, Vice President and CTO at had brought to the audience an astonishing & impressive knowledge.


During AWS Transformation Day, Doron Shachar, CEO of Renova Cloud had answered and shared with Business & Technology Leaders from Enterprises & SMEs.


So what is the key element for a successful cloud adoption?


“I’ve been very fortunate to engage with organizations across the past decade with different solutions on transformational journeys, whether that be for the purposes of innovation or digital transformation.

The one thing that I have found consistently is that even though we have models such as agile, lean, user experience, persona modeling, revenue projection and millions of case studies there is one factor that is far more important in the journey than any other capability.

That factor is mindset, the mindset of the leaders, the mindset of the employees, particularly as they approach the unknown. There’s a lot of unknowns in transformation and when change comes it often creates fear and uncertainty. We need to build the confidence to step into change with a very optimistic mindset”. Doron Shachar


Renova Cloud Team