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Has your company entered the digital revolution yet?

If not, you may soon be left behind. Harvard Business Review’s recent prediction about the Asia Pacific region was:
“Expect to see the pace of innovation accelerate, with established organisations and startups vying to capture and retain the increasingly tech-savvy consumers driving digital transformation.”
Entering the digital transformation is about survival. Here are five reasons your “tech-savviness” will make or break you in the coming years.
1. Larger profits result from increased productivity and more sales. Research shows companies that go through a digital transformation have a 12 percent higher market valuation than their competitors and are 25 percent more profitable.
2. Increased efficiency results in money savings, reduced human error and more time for your entire workforce.
3.  Happy, loyal customers result from streamlined processes. Meet their needs and provide the experience they want. Otherwise, they’ll take their business elsewhere.
4. Gain valuable insights from the plethora of data available to digital companies. Make informed marketing and business decisions. Get accurate future projections.
5. Extend your market reach. Reach customers on the other side of the world with little or no investment. In one study, 85 percent of respondents said they’ve seen increased market share since starting their digital transformation.
Not sure if these benefits are realistic? Here’s a real-world example. 
Consider Europe Airpost, a charter passenger airline and freight carrier that faced the challenge of maintaining profitability amid a global economic slowdown and rising fuel prices.
They knew they needed to increase efficiency and reduce expenses.
Their solution was to implement the PureFlex solution, which allowed them to deliver services via a private cloud.
The result? They were able to consolidate their physical IT equipment by 66 percent, providing significant savings on electricity and cooling.
Additionally, they reduced application response times by up to 33 percent.
“Our IT team spends less time on infrastructure management, and more on developing new business services,” stated the company’s IT director, Francis Brisedoux.
Greater efficiency resulted in more innovation, reduced expenses and streamlined services, all factors having a direct impact on Europe Airpost’s bottom line.  View the full case study here:
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