Enterprise Google Voice For G Suite Expected To Enter General Availability In March 2019

Amid this weekend’s flurry of developments related to Google’s messaging future around ‘classic’ Hangouts, as well as Hangouts Chat and Meet, Google Voice was left out. The latter was launched for G Suite enterprise in beta last July 2018, and should be entering “General Availability” this coming March 2019. At Cloud Next 2018 in July, Google announced that a new enterprise tier of Google Voice would be joining G Suite. It comes as the VOIP service was relaunched in early 2017 after years of minor updates:

Smart, easy-to-use cloud telephony solution for G Suite

Google Voice gives you a phone number that isn’t tied to a phone, so you can better connect with colleagues, customers, and partners, regardless of your location or device. Easy to deploy and gets better over time.

Take control of your phone

Google Voice brings everything consumers love about the product to the enterprise. End users can customize their settings to work the way they do. Admins get the intuitive controls they’ve come to expect from G Suite, plus the peace of mind knowing that scalability and security are taken care of. Voice lets you set up new lines fast and requires very little IT support, so teams can focus on what counts: your business.

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Keep connected as you grow

Expanding your business nationally or globally used to mean working with multiple providers to provision lines and devices. With Google Voice, setting up a new line is as easy as adding a new G Suite user. This keeps things simple and lets you use existing devices, like phones and computers, on a service you can manage from virtually anywhere.

Make conversations smarter

Voice goes beyond audio, bringing in valuable context and intelligence to make phone calls more efficient and productive. Powered by Google AI, Voice provides accurate voicemail transcription and smart spam filtering so you can respond to what’s really important. Intelligent integrations with Meet and Calendar let you know who’s calling and why, while managing your availability to achieve greater work/life balance.

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