COVID-19: Renova Cloud Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19: Renova Cloud Business Continuity Plan 

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on businesses and the ways in which we collaborate and work. At Renova Cloud, we understand that a key priority for many businesses right now is to act quickly, to mitigate risk and commercial impact and, most importantly, protect the health of your workforce.

In response to the challenges you are facing, Renova Cloud is introducing a business continuity plan that will help your organization scale and respond to your changing environment.


Renova Cloud Business Continuity Plan


  1. Free tools and services for businesses

We are offering free versions of most of our services and tools during the outbreak.  Contact our team to get a roundup of some of the offers that can help your organization stay afloat during the outbreak.


  1. Advisory

The COVID-19 crisis raises many questions, challenges, and risks for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team of experts is available 24/7 to help you plan and respond.

How we can help: Renova Cloud is offering a free of charge, remote, session to help you explore how Cloud can be used to help your situation.  We will provide you recommendations and a roadmap to support immediate action.

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  1. Enabling Scalable and Flexible Remote Working for your Employees

Social distancing and WFH (Work From Home) requirements may be challenging your business continuity systems, people and operational processes.

How we can help: To ensure that your employees can connect with teams and critical business systems. Renova Cloud can immediately help you design and build a secure, scalable, Virtual desktop infrastructure platform in the cloud. We can help reduce impact on existing VPN solutions, by deploying a Cloud VPN service that can scale with demand.

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  1.  Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Management

We have seen a sharp increase in demand for cost optimization globally over the past few weeks. Customers have shared the feedback that they are looking for the fastest possible option to reduce their costs further, while adjusting to new realities.

How we can help: To help better support our AWS customers in doing so, we partnered with Spotinst to offer you the following offerings:

  • 25% reduction in the Spotinst success-based fee (now 15% of net new savings).
  • Free cost analysis and optimization recommendations report (see here)
  • No-cost Solutions Architect consultations to ease the 1-2 week technical implementation process.

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  1. Maintaining your Service

Extended Operational Support

Ensuring service continuity and the availability of your business-critical applications is critical.

How we can help: Renova Cloud can immediately provide Operational support and availability monitoring at scale with an experienced 24/7 remote engineering team to deliver expertise in the Cloud. 

Remote Staff Augmentation

IT organizations around the world are being affected by understaffing due to various reasons including illness, family support, and travel restrictions.

How we can help: Renova Cloud can help support and augment your cloud teams ensuring that your business can continue to deliver service to your customers and ensure that your employees have the support and skills necessary to do their jobs.

 Accelerated Migration to the Cloud

Access and performance of critical business applications by remote workers may be difficult for a number of reasons. Some applications, when accessed remotely, can cause a strain on the remote delivery mechanism (VPN or VDI), affecting all other applications and services (file systems, etc.) that share the same access medium.

How we can help: Renova Cloud can offer a rapid and cost-effective migration to the cloud for critical business applications as part of an accelerator package.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a critical part of any business continuity plan and will be tested during this crisis.

How we can help: Renova Cloud can design and implement a temporary Cloud Disaster Recovery solution to immediately lessen the risks facing your business.


  1. Secure your Business 

Cloud Security

Short-term decision making, massive remote working can lead to high-security risk.

How we can help: Renova Cloud provides expert advice and guidance to help organizations navigate the controls, policies, and governance necessary in order to protect your business and offer technical recommendations for making the right security decisions. We will quickly evaluate your security posture, and key decisions to be made, supporting you with design expertise and implementation assistance.


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To chat with a member of our team about how any of these services could help your business please get in touch.

COVID-19: Renova Cloud Business Continuity Plan