AWS Methodology: How to Migrate to Modernize Your Business

Many organizations including VN30 firms are joining the wave of AWS enterprise migration. As AWS adoption ramps up in Vietnam and indeed all over the world, a best-practice roadmap has emerged, proving time and again to migrate smoothly:

Assess > Mobilize > Migrate & Modernize 

By following this prescribed methodology, organizations can accelerate the journey to the cloud, and transform their infrastructure to one that is agile and scalable, boosting operational efficiency and freeing up resources to focus on innovation rather than administration.

The best practice for cloud migration goes beyond “lift and shift” to encompass many more advanced strategies and options. As you make the move from on-premise towards cloud adoption, let’s outline the three essential phases in a successful AWS migration methodology:

1. Assess: Know where you are to know where you’re going

As we often say at Renova Cloud, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” In migration best practice, preparation is key. In fact, planning is so crucial to successful cloud migration, we devoted an entire blog post to the key elements to consider before diving into the process. Check it out here

Migration is a vast scale project, encompassing years of accumulated data and operations. It must start with a deep and thorough assessment of migration readiness and development of a detailed TCO to support and justify the migration. This stage is about getting everything in line before getting to the landing zone, including discovery, and understanding security and compliance regulations. Remember, the mobilization stage will only be as effective as the pre-planning accomplished during this critical assessment stage. Planning is, after all, the means to a complex and challenging end – the migration itself. 

2. Mobilize: The dress rehearsal for deployment

During this phase, it is time to start taking action based on the results of the migration assessment in Step One. Work towards closing the identified business gaps, preparing the groundwork for deployment, orchestration and setup of the new cloud environment, and developing cloud skills in the runup to the actual migration. Gather application portfolio data and devise a detailed migration strategy, based on one of a combination of the seven commonly-used tactics: relocate, rehost, replatform, refactor, repurchase, retire, or retain.  

This is when RenovaCloud’s solution enters the picture. Regardless of the migration strategy chosen, our platform provides a secure, automated environment for moving workloads to the cloud, based on a best practice baseline foundation, including governance, data security, compliance and cost. It also provides a staging ground for pilot workload migrations, enabling clients to safely gain valuable migration experience before moving ahead with the actual migration. 

3. Migrate & Modernize: The zero hour has arrived

This is the final stage in which the large-scale execution takes place, based on the Mobilize plan. Each application is migrated and validated according to the most efficient best practice outlined in the strategy. The migration process can be managed fully by the Renova Cloud team, or by the client’s in-house cloud DevOps team, supported by Renova Cloud professional services. The working arrangement between Renova Cloud and the client is completely flexible according to the organization’s migration challenges and needs, and customizable in order to secure the most cost-beneficial arrangement for the client, without compromising on the integrity, speed or quality of the migration.

The MAP for Success

When it’s time for cloud adoption, organizations turn to Renova Cloud and the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), designed to encourage and sponsor cloud migration for a more secure, efficient, cloud-based infrastructure and future. And, as Partner with multiple designations including Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server, Amazon RDS, AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Well-Architected Partner, the Renova cloud team is proficient in best-practice migration methodology that is the direct path to cloud enablement and success.

Want to access AWS MAP and start your customized roadmap to the cloud? Contact us today.