Navigos Group provides recruitment solutions in Vietnam. By matching the right talent with the right jobs, ensuring companies have the people they need to succeed, and job seekers land their job. With offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Navigos Group employs over 200 employees, serves millions of job seekers and thousands of corporate customers annually. The group is comprised of, an online recruitment portal and Navigos Search, an executive search firm.


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As part of the company mission & commitment to it’s customers, it is essential for the IT and Development teams to secure a robust disaster recovery process. This is a critical need for Navigos’ business and critical infrastructure and data recovery. Navigos’ application requires to have a fast and effective reaction in the disaster recovery scenarios.

During the process, Navigos partnered with Renova Cloud to build Backup and DR as part of the total system architecture. In addition, Navigos aligns its business around cutting-edge solutions as part of AWS platform that pave the way of continuous growth.


For the DR solution, The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) must be less than 3 minutes. Which means that for the recovery, the data can’t be older than 3 minutes, it can be close to real-time.  Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the time to complete the restoration from the moment the DR is declared—which varies from minutes to 1 hour based on the customer SLA.  DR system on AWS must satisfy the weekly development and deployment process of the Navigos’ IT and Development Team. Container and advanced services usage for production deployments in enterprises is still constrained by concerns regarding security, monitoring, data management and networking.

Navigos faces with the challenge of synchronization of massive amount of data (2-5TB) between on-premise system and AWS. Cloud-native applications requires a high degree of infrastructure automation and specialized operations skills, which are not commonly found in Enterprise IT organizations.


Renova Cloud had team up with Navigos to build a DR system on AWS environment. Starting with pairing the existing IT investments with a secure and scalable solution as well as overarching cloud management to create cloud-ready, agile infrastructure environments. Our target was to build a DR system hand in hand with Navigos which applies best practices across security, governance monitoring, storage, networking, application life cycle management and container orchestration.

To achieve our purpose, we have built a DR solution which relies on an advantaged services of AWS. In mentioned above, to be able to achieve the strict requirement of RTO and RPO, in this case close to real-time, the database are running on Master-salve architecture to make sure that data integrity and application data are synchronized between on-prem File Server and on-cloud File Server via Stored Volume gate way. The uploading network speed is carefully investigated and adjusted to not affect the currently running production system.



Dealing with expectation of weekly development and deployment process from IT Team, Renova Cloud integrated the current CI/CD pipeline of Navigos to DR system on AWS, embrace Docker platform as the best practice containerized platform to simply and automate to development and deployment process. The application servers are kept in stopped status most of time and will be started just in case Development team need to be update new version of the applications. While the Storage gateway and database are kept in 24/24 running status to serve the synchronization to secure the data integrity. The goal is to help Navigos to optimize cost running cloud-based component and increase the readiness and simply the scenarios of the DR process.

Renova Cloud Team has undertaken an investigation on the current situation of Navigos and designed the architecture and DR scenarios to meet the actual demand. Challenges and obstacles have been addressed along the process to set out an actionable implementation plan.



Renova Cloud is an AWS  Advanced Consulting Partner & AWS Solution Provider.

Our goal is to help organizations to become agile and productive with advanced Cloud Solutions & Services. With our dedicated team in HCM City & Hanoi as well as presence in Tel-Aviv, we help businesses across South East Asia with the most advanced technologies platforms.

Our focused and full-service solutions’ portfolio in cloud leverages the best of breed technologies to help you scale your business processes with zero upfront capital investment. Renova Cloud is your partner for cloud-based services and will go along with you on the journey towards building an agile, secured and automated processes within your organization.

Our Mission is to help businesses to utilize innovative processes and experience reduced time in the delivery of their services. We have immense experience in AWS, and that has made it possible for organizations to quickly and easily launch secured solutions that require little or no  financial demand.