KaoPiz founded in September 2014 and as a fast-growing IT company in Hanoi specializing in software outsourcing services to Japanese customers.

Kaopiz services is specialized in PHP, Ruby Web Development, Native Mobile App: iOS, Android – Hybrid Mobile App: Unity. In addition to that Kaopiz also focus on developing its own specific solutions for long term development.


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KaoPiz were requested to deliver an advanced project, which development and release teams need to release frequent new features and patches to production. Deployments, staging and production preforming manually and there was no automation process on AWS to setup new environment to test the new features.

Developers & infrastructure engineers are having a challenge to setup the environment and deploy the testing code and transform to the production systems. It required a significant overhead from a project execution perspective.


Renova Cloud worked with KaoPiz on the optimization process of the overall architecture using AWS CloudFormation service to deploy its entire front and backend stack into its Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) environment. AWS CloudFormation allows to develop the infrastructure as code and automate the deployments.

KaoPiz uses one region with multi-availability zone architectures to add resiliency to the applications. We were divided CloudFormation script into different nested stacks for easier management and maintenance. The infrastructure provision with the creation process of various AWS services such as ELBs, Autoscaling groups, CloudWatch, NAT, SES, SNS, RDS, WAF have been automated with the scripts.

Within three weeks of intensive work with KaoPiz SW Engineers and coding team on Cloud formation service templates, the output of the project had turn to a significant support to improve IT quality and efficiency. The stack can be launched with few simple steps making it possible for Dev, and QA team to deliver the jobs almost automatically and do not require high level of experience and skills on AWS.



Major benefits for KaoPiz including:

  • Ease of management and maintenance 
  • Increase in Team Productivity 
  • Reduced errors in setting up new environments
  • Faster time to market and cost reduction
  • Automate the deployment and Implementation