Embracing the new digital norm in a transforming financial services industry

The pace of change within the financial services industry continues to accelerate. Regulation, artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital transformation are redefining financial products and services. Your organisation needs 24/7 multichannel access and personalised services with rigorous cybersecurity and data privacy. We’ll help you harness new technologies to drive innovation and competitiveness, increase customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies and agility.

The world is changing, even in the ultra-conservative banking industry. The American Bank Capital One was the first to take the leap, the World Bank has quickly followed.
The banking industry has specific challenges. It is an environment with profound security needs and regulatory compliance commitments. We believe that the main benefits for the baking industry to make the leap to the cloud are as follows:

1. Cutting costs, means that you have more money for technological capacity and innovation and not personnel.
2. Multi access, means that employees are more productive because they are connected.
3. Quick deployment, means technological solutions can easily be added to the stream of challenges that constantly presents itself. It also means that new technology takes days and not months or entire quarters to install.
4. More secure, means that banks that are higher up on the priority list for attacks can be regularly simulated and pro-active in terms of cyber attacks and data leakage, and not just reactive.