Get the most out of Amazon Web Services with Renova Cloud.

Our goal is to ensure your success in AWS. We help you navigate the complete Amazon Web Services suite of powerful cloud infrastructure services and guide your cloud strategy for getting the most out of AWS.

As one of only a few AWS Advanced Consulting Partners in Vietnam & Cambodia, we have the capabilities necessary to build, deploy, and manage complex cloud architectures on AWS. Our track record of successful DevOps projects, cloud application development, and infrastructure migrations spans more than a hundred client engagements.


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  • Infrastructure and application migration to AWS from anywhere, including your internal data center or another public cloud provider like Azure and Google Cloud
  • Deployment of new infrastructure and applications on AWS.
  • Application development to build and deploy resilient cloud applications at scale.
  • Automation of your entire cloud infrastructure using the latest tools from AWS, Ansible, Chef, Docker, and more.
  • Cloud Managed Services to supplement and extend your existing IT and operations teams.
  • Big data services that enable your cloud applications to stream, store, and process vast amounts of data.
  • Cloud security, governance, and compliance best practices implementation.


Strategy and roadmap to facilitate decisions such as how cloud can best be used for your organization, which applications are a best fit for cloud, and whether a proof of concept is needed.

Infrastructure audit to examine the existing infrastructure and compare it to current standards and best practices in security, availability, scalability, infrastructure automation, monitoring, proactive prevention of failures, and disaster recovery.

Architecture design to gather requirements, create logical and network diagrams, and create cloud architecture documents.


Automation with proven, cutting-edge cloud technologies, including deep automation with Amazon CloudFormation, Chef, and Docker.

Deployment of the new cloud production, staging, and test environments.


Testing of all functionality at scale and high load.


Cutover from the old infrastructure/app to the new cloud deployment, including complete data migration and low downtime.


Full documentation of your new cloud infrastructure to enable you to get your team up to speed faster. If your team needs ongoing support after launch, we offer multiple levels of cloud managed services.



DevOps approach is core expertise at Renova Cloud and we extend DevOps principles to our clients through our expertise with partner technologies from AWS, Chef, Ansible, and Docker. to facilitate decisions such as how the cloud can best be used for your organization, which applications are the best fit for the cloud,

Automate your entire cloud infrastructure from server provisioning and configuration management to application deployment and continuous integration utilizing a Renova Cloud DevOps’ approach and framework

Architecture design following best practices we’ve developed from our successful client deployments. We will guide you on how to implement cloud automation that benefits your organization by liberating your IT and operations teams from repetitive, time-intensive tasks, and empowering them to focus on business-critical objectives. 

Key considerations for cloud automation:

  • Are your IT and operations teams spending excess time on routine infrastructure management tasks?
  • Do you want to decrease time to market and enable continuous delivery of your SaaS product or application by utilizing techniques such as automated testing and continuous integration?
  • Are you unsure which tasks and applications are good candidates for automation?
  • Do you want to streamline code deployment from development to staging and to production?
  • Do you need to make business users self-sufficient with a self-service portal? 

About Renova Cloud

AWS Competency

We are Vietnamese leading cloud-native practice and work with some of the biggest names in the industry to deliver efficient solutions to complex problems. We are Amazon Advanced Consulting Partners specialized in Migration, DevOps & Automation, and Cloud Support.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Ensure performance, reduce complexity and optimize costs across your applications and services in the cloud.

Microsoft on AWS

We help you migrate and run Microsoft workloads in AWS as well as modernize your Windows applications by upgrading them to the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and MS SQL.

Dịch chuyển lên AWS

Migrate complex architectures to the cloud with our deep knowledge of Amazon’s best-in-class services infrastructure for clients of all sizes in a wide variety of industries.

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Tải ngay bảng tính AWS để biết chi phí
"lên mây" phù hợp cho doanh nghiệp

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