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According to Microsoft, with the explosive growth of cloud, particularly at commercial companies they conducted a defi nitive study on the cloud, due to the lack of research available. The result of their survey conducted from December 2016 through January surveying midsized to large organizations, that have either deployed Hybrid Cloud solutions or were planning to do so within 12 months, to determine their understanding and usage of hybrid cloud. The scope was to get at the drivers, benefi ts, challenges, and solutions in the hybrid cloud space. This report outlines the data obtained and provides a detailed look into the state of the hybrid cloud.

Key takeaways from the survey:
• Digital transformation and business growth drives the need for hybrid cloud.
• Hybrid cloud usage is generally high and factors are determined widely by industry, country, and age of the organization. More established organizations are very likely to be using hybrid cloud.
• The top benefi t of hybrid cloud is flexibility, offering the opportunity to achieve cloud benefits while still maintaining existing resources. The benefits certainly outweigh the challenges.
• The top challenges with hybrid cloud are complexity and lack of skill sets. Organizations that have deployed hybrid cloud put more value on consistency across cloud and on-premises environments.