Making choices about delivery models

We delivery models that are right for their individual IT organizations and enterprises. This framework is built around three critical decision points: business design, service levels and deployment characteristics. Renova business and technology specialists work with you to understand your business requirements, service-level objectives and deployment choices, and match the right mix of delivery models to your business needs.

Business design

When looking at the business design, your focus needs to be on outcomes, accountability and economics. What level of control do you want, and who is responsible for what after the transition to managed services? Which pricing arrangement makes the most sense? Is your company moving away from fixed-cost expenses, and can you capitalize on a variable-expense model based on usage? Can you reduce capital expenses by taking advantage of the operating-expense model that managed services offers?

Service levels

To maintain service levels in a managed services environment, it is critical for both you and your services provider to have a clear picture about the performance metrics, security tools and policies and resiliency level your organization requires. Determining the right level of availability, security and resiliency of a particular service helps ensure that you are not paying a premium for a service level not required by your organization or conversely, allowing a crucial business process to be under protected.